Welcome to your DIY Site Kit !

Here’s a brief overview on what’s within your kit, and then some helpful tips on how to use this kit to your advantage!

Welcome to your DIY Site Kit! This page is just here to provide you some help to get started!

Step 01.

Configure your General Settings

Go to your Dashboard – then Settings – General
You’ll want to set your Site Title, TaglineAdministration Email Address, and Time Zone.

Step 02.

Connect Your Google Analytics to Site Kit

Go to your Dashboard then Site Kit.
This will ask you to sign in with Google to then connect your Google Analytics account.
This is to track visitor statistics and data on visitors to your website.
Don’t have a Google Analytics set up yet? Here’s How 

Step 03.

Select Your Template

Go to your Dashboard – Appearance – Starter Templates
Browse through the 100+ templates that are within the Template Library and choose one that you would like to work with. You DO NOT need to use these, however we offer them as it’s a quick start to getting your business online. 
Once you’ve selected a template that you like – click Import Complete Site.
This will install the entire kit (including pages) to your website.

Step 04.

Set Up Your Pages

Go to your Dashboard – Pages
After you’ve selected your template (if you do so) there will be pages autopopulated within your Pages Tab. You can use these, or you can create your own by going to Add New.
There is a difference between a Post and a Page. A post is a blog post – a page is a web page.

No Tutorials
Show Me the Tutorals

Elementor Tutorials

Your website has Elementor Pro installed (you’ll have access to this for 12 months from your sign up date). After that period you can sign up for your own license, or we can discuss further if you want to continue support on your website, which includes licensing. Below we have collected some helpful videos to get you started on using Elementor to create your website. For a full library of videos, you can click the button below to see Elementors Youtube Channel.

Getting started with elementor

Website Basics

Page Specifics

Step 05.

Design Your HEart Out

You have free reign to design however you want your site to look! Use the template, design it yourself, whatever you choose. If you need some help, just use the Form on the Dashboard to get ahold of us you do have 2 hours of our time to help you through you designing your site!

Step 06.

Before you launch...

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